Great Collaborations Begin Here

The best ideas happen when we work together — and at Crescent International Plaza III, we’re here to support a culture of collaboration in your office. Our newly renovated Conference Room is equipped with the latest technologies to support interconnectivity and audiovisual equipment. Its modular tables can accommodate small groups, or be pushed together for a large-group setting. Arrangement options include classroom seating with tables and chairs for up to 35 people, auditorium-style with chairs only for up to 45 people, U-shape, and custom setups. Presentations have more impact when viewed on our 75” TV with iPad technology, or via our updated projector. The room also features a speaker’s podium and full-wall Clarus glass white boards for creative and strategic sessions.

Make use of our complimentary Conference Room for an important corporate meeting, a weekly status report, or a place to gather when your office’s conference room is scheduled for other events. Let’s collaborate.

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